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- Tail biting is reduced
- Pigs are less aggressive towards each other
- Their attention is focused on the straw
- Pigs welfare is improved


- Feeder made of strong metal bars
- Galvanized
- Single or double option
- To be placed on a partition wall between pens

Tubo Hox Small, 6 eating places + 6 drinkers 2 water tubes :

- Tubo Hox small for weaners
- Can be used on farrowing section
- 6 eating places / 6 drinkers
- 2 Regulated (up and down) water lines
- 2 tubes= the water is always clean
- Easy to clean
- New outlet with more precise flow of feed
- No stress for animals, all get the same quantity of feed.
- Small plastic element inside of tube to mix and regulate the feed flow
- Capacity +- 65 L

W dniu 07 listopada 2013 nastąpiło uroczyste otwarcie Mieszalni pasz "Tobiko" w Mechnicach koło Kępna. Mieszalnia ta ma wydajność przygotowania paszy sypkiej na poziomie 10t/h oraz granulacji mieszanki na poziomie 6t/h.

Magazyny zbożowe o łącznej pojemności 400 ton

The opening ceremony of modern grain storage facility, innovative grain dryer with continuous operation mode and devices for feed preparation.

 z udoskonalonym systemem dozowania paszy. Optymalne dozowanie paszy bez strat, przy zachowaniu właściwej higieny – to powinien gwarantować każdy automat paszowy.