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TUBO HOX feeder with improved feed dispensing system

Improved feed dispensing system

Regular feed dispensing without feed loses and high hygiene level are the essential factors for optimal efficiency in automatic sow breeding. Unequal access to feed caused by inappropriate feed dosing system, can be the reason of feed wastages and aggression in the heard.
In addition, feed mixed with water can linger in trough spaces, what inhibits to keep the feeder clean. These factors decreases feeding economy and efficiency on the farm.

Our experienced designers are constantly checking and testing functionality of our products and set up new solutions providing better results in feeding process.
To ensure highly precise dispensing system in our TUBO feeders we have modified the feeder outlet.

Attitudes of our improved TUBO HOX feeder*

- NO FEED WASTAGES – more precise and regular feed flow
- SMOOTH AND EASY ACCESS TO FEED for all animals in group thanks to separations

*available feeders both for weaners and for fatteners

Another advantage of using our TUBO HOX feeder !

One animal can provide access to feed to all animals around the troughs. It is important especially while weaker animals learn how to use the feeder.