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Feed augers

Feed augers

Spiral feeding lines are available in four diameters with capacity from 6.8 kg to 99.8 kg per minute. They can be used to transport feed granular, crushed, mixed grain with high humidity and grinding grain.

The basic elements of the spiral feeding lines are: engine, spiral and pipes - an appropriate mix of all components ensures optimum efficiency and long life of the entire system. We use the transport tubes made of high quality PVC, which not only provides high resistance to abrasion, but also thanks to its flexibility, reduces the noise.
What is important the transport tubes which we use are resistant to UV rays, so they can be used outdoor as well.

Basic information about spiral feeding lines models

  Mode 220 Model 300 Model 350 Model 500
outer pipe diameter [mm] 55 75 90 125
edge ray of the pipe [mm] 3,05 1,83 1,83 1,83
the maximum length of a single system with three arches [m] 76,2 60,96 45,72 45,72
efficiency (kg/min while 640kg/m2) 408 1360 2722 5988
the length of the extension (motor completes the first system) with arches [m] 92 72 56 56